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Returning to play with help from Sport England and Yorkshire Volleyball Association

York Volleyball Club would like to thank the Yorkshire Volleyball Association and the Volleyball England Foundation for enabling our club to return successfully and safely to playing volleyball. We are so excited to get back to playing, something we have missed greatly over the course of the past 18 months.

With the generous grant from Sport England’s Return to Play Fund, the Association has loaned us cleaning kit, (balls/nets – delete as appropriate) and electronic whistles to enable us to start playing again.

With Sport England and the Association’s support, we can make ensure that more young players are safely included in sessions. As we cannot access our usual venues until the autumn, the kit we’ve been able to use has enabled us to run safe and enjoyable sessions.

It’s great to see increasing support for sports like volleyball which don’t always get the attention or funding they deserve. Thank you again to Sport England and the Yorkshire Volleyball Association for their much-valued support.


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