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We offer competitive team volleyball at many different levels. We also have a recreational session, where you can learn to play volleyball and play just for fun, with no other commitments. Your first 2 training sessions are free, to help find out if you fit in.


If you want to play for one of our teams, you must become a member of the club & pay the membership fee. If your membership fees are not up to date, you are not eligible to play for a team. We do NOT offer turn up and pay for team training sessions. 


The club membership fee is an annual fee. You can pay in one payment or 9 monthly installments (payable during the indoor season, September to May), which allows the club to pay the bills more easily. The membership fee covers hall hire, league fees, equipment, referees fees and Volleyball England club registration. Club funds are also used to support our volunteer coaches with the costs of attending courses. National Volleyball League players also have to pay the Volleyball England player license fee of £36.

For players joining at the beginning of the season, fees must be paid by the end of September. For those joining during the season, by the end of the month they join.

For the recreational session, you can just turn up, pay and play. No long term commitment required. The 2 hour session costs £8 (£5 for concessions and students). Discounts available for several sessions paid in advance. 

York Volleyball Club emphasises long-term player development of physical, emotional and social skills. While winning is a priority in club volleyball, winning will not be placed above good sportsmanship (defined as respecting rules and procedures, teammates, other players, coaches, officials, opponents and oneself). It is our goal to create an environment that will benefit the individual as well as the team. In our recreational sessions the aim is on participation and enjoyment but all players must respect one another and coaches.


Players and parents must understand that coaches aim is to assist the team in reaching its full potential. We can only achieve this by encouraging, acknowledging and supporting each other’s efforts in practice, fixtures and tournaments.


Disciplinary Matters

Please remember that as a member of the club you are a role model to others and your actions will reflect on how the club and its other members are perceived.

With regards to discipline we have adopted a two-stage policy – anyone not following the policy and demonstrating unacceptable behaviour will be given a verbal and formal warning. A second serious breach of the code will lead to them being asked to leave the club.

September 2019

A new payment structure is in place. 

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