Each year we ask you to renew your membership commitment to the club. You are committing to help support the club and other members, as well as agreeing to the club's code of conduct and other club policies. 


This form should be completed by players (or a parent/carer if under 18 years old) to confirm that they:

  • Wish to become a member of York Volleyball Club & provide current contact information

  • Give consent to participate in volleyball events, sessions and activities 

  • Provide permission for communication, the use of photographs and recorded images

Player details

If under 18 years of age

Emergency contact and medical information

Consent to the use of photographic and recorded images (please state Yes or No for each one)

Contact preferences

As part of your membership, we may send you information about training, games and future events. We might also send you messages about volleyball and Volleyball England, which may be of interest to you. The information might be sent to you by phone, email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media.

If you agree to being contacted, please state Yes in the fields below.

If under 18 years of age, please select one of the following two options:

Consent by player

I consider myself to be physically fit and capable of full participation and agree to notify the club of any changes to the information provided. Furthermore, in the event of an injury, I give permission for the club to obtain emergency medical treatment. 

I give my consent to participate in the club's volleyball events, sessions or activities. I understand that I do so at my own risk and agree to abide by the Volleyball England's Player Code of Conduct.

I will make all payments to York Volleyball Club before or upon the due date by the end of month. I understand that if payments are late I will become ineligible to participate in practices and matches until fees are paid.  I understand that there will be no exceptions for late payments, unless a satisfactory explanation is provided to club officials.

I also consent that I may be contacted by the club and that any photographic and recorded images of me may be used, under the above stated rules and conditions. 

Under 18 players - Consent by parent/carer

I consider the young person to be physically fit, capable of full participation and agree to notify the organisation of any changes to the information provided. Furthermore, in the event of an injury, I give permission for the organisation to obtain emergency medical treatment. 

I give consent for the young person to participate in the above-mentioned volleyball event, session or activity and confirm that communication with them and the use of photographic and recorded images of them may be used under the above-stated conditions.

I understand that the event organiser(s) reserve the right to send any participant home if deemed necessary in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

I confirm that I have legal responsibility for this young person and I am entitled to give this consent.

Use of your data


We only collect information which is needed as part of your membership and your role within the club. We may share some of your information with Volleyball England, as required, to track participation in volleyball.


We will use your information to keep you up to date with training, matches, club news and events.  


We will store your information securely and only your coaches and club officers will have access to it. 


York Volleyball Club is committed to complying with data protection laws and respects the privacy rights of individuals.

Privacy Policy 

The organisation seeking consent is York Volleyball Club. The lead persons are Amy Bell (Club Secretary) and Giovanna Pesante (Club Membership Officer). 

The club recognises the need to ensure the safety and welfare of all players and will act in accordance with the permissions given and in line with Volleyball England's Safeguarding & Protecting Young People Policy.



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