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New Season. New Fee Structure.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a new season at York Volleyball Club I hope that you, like me, are looking forward to the new season.

This year we have a new fee structure in place, and I think it's important that all members understand how the membership fees are calculated, how much you have to pay and how we expect payments to be made.

First, we try and keep fees as low as we can to make volleyball in York accessible to as many people as possible. The fees cover the costs of hall hire for training and matches, refereeing fees (for NVL), equipment and kit etc.

Whilst we allow members to pay in instalments, to help spread the cost, the fee is an annual/season fee and needs to be paid in full by the end of the playing season. If players stop paying for any reason, it means we don't have enough funds to cover our costs.

For the new season (2019/2020), we are asking that members pay in 9 monthly instalments. This is because most of the costs are in the first 9 months. If course, of you want to pay all the fees at the start of the season, that's fine as well.

For last season, some members haven't paid for the full membership, either by stopping or pausing payments. As mentioned above, fees need to be paid in full for a year so if you stopped early or suspended payments, unfortunately you still owe some money! We'll be in touch to let you know the outstanding amount.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the club.

Stewart Miller

York Volleyball Club


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