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York Kings

Yorkshire Premier League

The team 

The current men's Yorkshire Premier League team came together for the first time in 2016 and is made up from adults and juniors. We are looking forward to another successful year.

The team has been making progress throughout each season. Whilst the team was re-built with old and new players we also worked on developing juniors and were bringing through new players from current Championship League. It's been a massive success as those juniors have now moved up to join Kings and are a strong part of the squads. Some of these players have also been invited to join National Volleyball League squad so can continue to develop their volleyball skills, provide experience at more competitive levels and help them to keep growing as players. 

They train on a Wednesday evening at Fulford School between 7pm-9pm and our homes games are scheduled for Monday evenings at York College, starting at 7pm.

The Coach 

The Kings are coached by Jozef Pecovsky, who is enthusiastic, focused and always want to support players to achieve their goals.


Since the enforced break due to Covid, the team has been growing together and developing and look forward to a good year this season. 

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